My work is about following each piece and being intuitively
open to an unspoken dialogue that spans a breath of choices and unknown exit points.

For me being an artist is an act of prosaic looking that feeds making for heterogeneous artefacts that confront the real world. I see my work as an anthology of objects, each being a unique incomplete tangible question that collects personal provenance. What stimulates my work and research is the ongoing amassments of stuff I collect and own. Obsessions happen without acknowledgement and my inventory shows no boundaries to objects, just an attraction that I find it hard to explain other than: we find each-other.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Project Whisper…

For 2014 I have set myself a daily act of motivational making. Every day I will make a new piece of jewellery for that day, a wearable diary entry and personal involvement of meditation. I have set no rules of any kind the pieces can take seconds or hours to make and can be made from anything I choose. It’s a making principle designed to create spontaneous experimental work that celebrate the moment of making, choosing materials, nominating objects and calling each piece ‘finished’. I am intrigued to see some results and learn, adapt and strengthen my work through the act of making with no distinguished goal.

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