My work is about following each piece and being intuitively
open to an unspoken dialogue that spans a breath of choices and unknown exit
points. My interest in memory is the makings of the complexities of a souvenir.
The moments captured with an object that creates a personal language. For me
being an artist is an act of prosaic looking that feeds
making for heterogeneous artefacts that confront
the real world, curated by movement of life that allows the work to be
witnessed in challenging surroundings. I see my work as an anthology of
objects, each being a unique incomplete tangible question that collects
personal provenance. What stimulates my work and research is the ongoing amassments
of stuff I collect and own. Obsessions happen without acknowledgement and my
inventory shows no boundaries to objects, just an attraction that I find it
hard to explain other than: we find each-other.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Project whisper week two…

This week in making I have allocated time with more tactics; for example if I knew I had a very busy day planned I allocated 15mins in the morning before my day started. I have really enjoyed using some objects I have kept for years in mind for ‘that special piece’, such as the porcelain broken cherub on 14/1/14 and the rabbit bones on 10/1/14. Also on the 13/1/14 I purposely purchased plastic spoons to suit the vision of the daily object.

8/1/14, pin, plastic, fibre, resin, brass pin

10/1/14, pendent, caviar tin, resin, rabbit bones, googly eye, glue, nylon

11/1/14, brooch, wood, plastic, felt, resin, steel

13/1/14, collar, plastic spoons, fabric, plastic, glue, cotton, porcelain. Paint, metal

14/1/14, pendent, bronze, porcelain, amber, plastic, silver, steel, paint, leather

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