My work is about following each piece and being intuitively
open to an unspoken dialogue that spans a breath of choices and unknown exit points.

For me being an artist is an act of prosaic looking that feeds making for heterogeneous artefacts that confront the real world. I see my work as an anthology of objects, each being a unique incomplete tangible question that collects personal provenance. What stimulates my work and research is the ongoing amassments of stuff I collect and own. Obsessions happen without acknowledgement and my inventory shows no boundaries to objects, just an attraction that I find it hard to explain other than: we find each-other.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Project whisper week three…

This week has seen my making continuing to use objects I have collected and treasured over the years; such as the golden eagle feather on 21/1/14. Objects that I have squirreled away to use ‘for best’ have been dug out for a ‘now or never’ making approach.

15/1/14, pendent, reclaimed metals, resin, sand, nylon

16/1/14, brooch, silver, textile, wood, plastic, paint, safety pin, found objects

17/1/14, brooch, old brooch, Fimo, porcelain, plastic, resin, glitter, flock

18/1/14, necklace, nylon, copper, enamel, cotton, bone, ball chain

19/1/14, pendent, labels, resin, waxed thread, reclaimed metal

20/1/14, brooch, soft toy textile, glitter, glue, paint, copper, sea sponge, Selenite

21/1/14, brooch, brown paper, golden eagle feather, silicone, glue pin, crystal

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