My work is about following each piece and being intuitively
open to an unspoken dialogue that spans a breath of choices and unknown exit points.

For me being an artist is an act of prosaic looking that feeds making for heterogeneous artefacts that confront the real world. I see my work as an anthology of objects, each being a unique incomplete tangible question that collects personal provenance. What stimulates my work and research is the ongoing amassments of stuff I collect and own. Obsessions happen without acknowledgement and my inventory shows no boundaries to objects, just an attraction that I find it hard to explain other than: we find each-other.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Draw with me…

I love the action of just doing something to see what happens, spending time teaching drawing techniques both as a discipline and experimental; it seemed a natural development to create objects that can be used to create a range of mark making. These instruments have been made from found objects with the intention to leave an element to ‘chance’ in the drawing process and just to see what happens.

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