My work is about following each piece and being intuitively
open to an unspoken dialogue that spans a breath of choices and unknown exit points.

For me being an artist is an act of prosaic looking that feeds making for heterogeneous artefacts that confront the real world. I see my work as an anthology of objects, each being a unique incomplete tangible question that collects personal provenance. What stimulates my work and research is the ongoing amassments of stuff I collect and own. Obsessions happen without acknowledgement and my inventory shows no boundaries to objects, just an attraction that I find it hard to explain other than: we find each-other.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Project whisper week 4

This week in making started off with the first objects being similar in scale and thinking. Half way through the week I decided to organise the best I could my studio to accommodate more effectively the objects and materials I have collected over the years.

22/1/14 pendent, crystals, gemstones, glue, fimo, metal, plastic

23/1/14, pendent, leather, metal detector find, silver, coral, waxed thread

24/1/14, pendent, metal detector find, blur coral, leather, sand, flock, resin, gem stones

25/1/14, pendent, found wood, plastic, nylon, glue

26/1/14, brooch, mixed media

27/1/14, brooch, root, driftwood, shell, glue, paint, pin

28/1/14, brooch, Polaroid photograph and case, pin

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Project whisper week three…

This week has seen my making continuing to use objects I have collected and treasured over the years; such as the golden eagle feather on 21/1/14. Objects that I have squirreled away to use ‘for best’ have been dug out for a ‘now or never’ making approach.

15/1/14, pendent, reclaimed metals, resin, sand, nylon

16/1/14, brooch, silver, textile, wood, plastic, paint, safety pin, found objects

17/1/14, brooch, old brooch, Fimo, porcelain, plastic, resin, glitter, flock

18/1/14, necklace, nylon, copper, enamel, cotton, bone, ball chain

19/1/14, pendent, labels, resin, waxed thread, reclaimed metal

20/1/14, brooch, soft toy textile, glitter, glue, paint, copper, sea sponge, Selenite

21/1/14, brooch, brown paper, golden eagle feather, silicone, glue pin, crystal

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Project whisper week two…

This week in making I have allocated time with more tactics; for example if I knew I had a very busy day planned I allocated 15mins in the morning before my day started. I have really enjoyed using some objects I have kept for years in mind for ‘that special piece’, such as the porcelain broken cherub on 14/1/14 and the rabbit bones on 10/1/14. Also on the 13/1/14 I purposely purchased plastic spoons to suit the vision of the daily object.

8/1/14, pin, plastic, fibre, resin, brass pin

10/1/14, pendent, caviar tin, resin, rabbit bones, googly eye, glue, nylon

11/1/14, brooch, wood, plastic, felt, resin, steel

13/1/14, collar, plastic spoons, fabric, plastic, glue, cotton, porcelain. Paint, metal

14/1/14, pendent, bronze, porcelain, amber, plastic, silver, steel, paint, leather

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Week 1 and the first 7 objects of project whisper

It is really interesting to see as a set my week made in seven objects. I’m enjoying the act of making something every day and dedicating minuets and hours for a day wearable outcome. I think I am personally liking the work that was made in under 3mins on the sixth of Jan.

2/1/14 ‘shadow’, brooch, card, paper, plastic, metal detector find, cotton
6/1/14 ‘muzzle’, pendent, pot dog, resin, nylon

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Project Whisper…

For 2014 I have set myself a daily act of motivational making. Every day I will make a new piece of jewellery for that day, a wearable diary entry and personal involvement of meditation. I have set no rules of any kind the pieces can take seconds or hours to make and can be made from anything I choose. It’s a making principle designed to create spontaneous experimental work that celebrate the moment of making, choosing materials, nominating objects and calling each piece ‘finished’. I am intrigued to see some results and learn, adapt and strengthen my work through the act of making with no distinguished goal.

Draw with me…

I love the action of just doing something to see what happens, spending time teaching drawing techniques both as a discipline and experimental; it seemed a natural development to create objects that can be used to create a range of mark making. These instruments have been made from found objects with the intention to leave an element to ‘chance’ in the drawing process and just to see what happens.

My Circus collection

In 2012 I set myself a new theme for creative development based on a topic that has always inspired me in many ways. I sat as I do most times pondering the subject of the circus and what it means to me, and begun to ask myself just what is it that keeps me captivated? The result gave me a new working title and question to create and develop work with; ‘what if the circus was contagious?’ just over a year in making and I am still mesmerised with this working question there has been so far emphasis on colour and texture that I want to abstract even further. It is safe to say I can see this sub-subject will remain a focus for lots more work to be infective with and has resulted in the biggest 2D body of work for over 10years.