My practice is interdisciplinary and generative in results often with intimate sculptures and object installations. I am interested in objects that synergise intimacies with the body and yearn for completeness within absents and separation. I am motivated by the differences within my practice and how works can become questioned and altered by engagement and evoking exploratory understandings.

My research unfolds metaphysical values that converge ideas around the intent of magic on material thinking and speculative folklore. This is a continual investment of interest and development. These values are exposed, compressed and fabulised within working methodologies that collectively pull together transitionary states, and confessions of experience.

Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Voice and Verdict

54 witch bells shown as part of the group show More T' North and the Harris Museum 2020

Phase Between - a collaborative project with Paula Fenwick Lucas

Before Bough - collaborative project with Angela Sidwell

English Summer Rain

English Summer Rain positions ideas for retelling British folklore converged with contemporised social complexities and personhood. Using historical connections with the witch hunts and trials of Europe as a fostered framework for thinking, I used ceramic objects as anchor points for storytelling, providing a shapeless space for a personal reading. This is saturated with takings from today’s Britain that distils as an object tableau that is generative for material vitality and adopts incomplete displaced values.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Inherited Absents: Soft performance 15/3/18 AIR Gallery

Soft performance for the opening of my solo exhibition I Object, original photographs by Harriet Shooter-Redfearn